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Customer Success Management

More and more companies are offering their products as services, be it computing capacity and storage (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS), operating system environments (Platform as a Service, PaaS) or ready-made applications (Software as a Service, SaaS). The advantages of this business model are obvious. Instead of one-off product sales that are difficult to plan and forecast, a constant annuity revenue stream of reliably recurring service revenues is generated.

Our Solution

However, the success of this business model depends on customer satisfaction. Unlike product sales, value is created primarily through sustainable and long-term use of the service. If the customer terminates his service after a few weeks or months or doesn’t renew it after expiry of the contract period, this will result in considerable sales losses.

As a rule, a customer is satisfied if the service is used regularly. This is where our customer success management solution comes in. Together with you, we monitor how customers use your services and identify early on which customers are satisfied and which may need additional information or training to get the most out of your service. This enables you to reliably measure customer success over the entire contract term and proactively intervene if user behaviour changes. Vendors OEM`s thus avoid unpleasant surprises when it’s time for service renewal, as their customers were well supported throughout the entire lifecycle in advance.

Our Services at a glance

Monitoring of your defined KPI's

Usage measurement with state-of-the-art IT

We proactively contact partners or end users as soon as there are signs of customer dissatisfaction

Your advantages

Continuous monitoring

Customers are well supported throughout the entire lifecycle

Reduction of the churn rate and improvement of customer retention

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