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The Annuity Management Group specialises in life cycle management of recurring revenues. Our services and expertise offers technology manufacturers and their channel partners the opportunity to break new ground in the optimisation and management of their recurring revenues from maintenance, licensing or service businesses.

Driven by advanced technology, data analytics and experienced service sales experts, we increase sales and income from your service revenue business.


Benefit from more recurring revenues, higher renewal rates, higher customer retention, and considerably more satisfied partners.

Experts increasing service revenues.

The Annuity Management Group

The Annuity Management Group includes the subsidiaries TESEDi, Support Warehouse and Europlus Direct. Together, we serve over 20,000 customers in over 20 countries. As a group, we bundle the expertise of our subsidiaries and offer solutions that allow us to provide our customers with optimum support for their entire service revenue lifecycle. In addition, we provide global IT services management for over 100 countries.

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Your advantages


Annuity Management leads to more business and increases the customer lifetime value of your existing customers. In addition, you can learn more about your customers, detect early trends and opportunities for additional business, and benefit from valuable customer feedback and sales insights.

With Annuity management you maintain full overview and control over your recurring revenues. Our expertise and our focus are your advantage.

Revenue Lifecycle Management

Revenue Lifecycle Management
  • More sales, higher profits
  • Higher renewal rates
  • Increased customer loyalty

Support from experienced service experts

Support from experienced service experts
  • Years of experience in service revenue management
  • 100% administrative relief; proactive quoting
  • 100% focus on retention over the entire revenue lifecycle

Use of state of the art technology

Use of state of the art technology
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Highest quality; efficient handling
  • Total transparency on your recurring revenues

Data analytics and customer insights

Data analytics and customer insights
  • Optimal service coverage
  • Identification of service up-selling
  • Sales insights, market feedback and customer behavior


With us, you increase your recurring service revenues.

Annuity Management - Increase your service revenues

As a highly specialised service provider for recurring revenues (“annuities”), we offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions for service revenue management, support and optimisation. Our renewal management services enable our customers to increase their recurring revenues, benefit from increased renewal rates, longer customer retention and significantly higher earnings.

In addition, we offer worldwide IT service and support management. Our customers benefit from one combined offer valid across all involved countries and adapted to the respective national language, currency, local legislation and distribution landscape. The multi-country IT service significantly reduces administrative costs while simultaneously increasing service quality.

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Contract Renewal Service

Many companies tend to focus on acquiring new customers and neglect focus on their existing contract customers, especially in the case of smaller contracts. Furthermore, it’s not always easy to keep track of things as there can be multitude of contracts with different terms and renewal conditions for a single customer.

Support Warehouse specialises in end-to-end proactive contract renewal management of direct OEM end-customers. As a dedicated service-only channel partner, we support end customers with their renewal management, whereby our renewal service usually begins 120 days before contract expiration. We use state-of-the-art IT systems to check configuration, service coverage and renewal periods for all contracts and, where possible, to create an optimised quote tailored to the customer’s needs. Here, not only contract terms, service levels and up-selling potential are examined, but also the possibility to co-term existing contracts into a single offer. Our proactive contract renewal management service increases our OEM customer’s profitability sustainably and disproportionately. In addition, each successful contract renewal contributes to their recurring revenues over several years. Through our professional contract management, we not only increase revenues but also improve customer retention.

More revenues, more profit

Higher renewal rates

Longer customer retention

Identification of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

Sales and market insights

Increase in new business by up to 10 to 15 percent p.a.

Our subsidiary, Support Warehouse, serves medium-sized direct customers in several countries on behalf of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) as a service-only reseller. HPE end customers are thus optimally supported and receive an IT service tailored to their needs. For more information, see www.supportwarehouse.com

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Channel Renewal Support Service

The renewal of existing contracts in the channel requires in-depth expert know-how and is extremely complex due to the multi-tier sales structure. Different contact persons, products purchased directly or through various distributors as well as different contract terms and contractual partners: These are only some of the factors that result in contracts not being optimally renewed, expiring or being taken over by third-party maintenance providers.

With our subsidiary TESEDi, we have many years of experience in renewal management in the channel. As a neutral service-only distributor, we have the interests of both the manufacturer and our partners in mind and clearly distinguish ourselves from conventional distribution through our service-only positioning – TESEDi does not sell hardware nor software.

Supported by state-of-the-art technology and experienced sales experts, we support both the manufacturer and the IT reseller in all renewal management tasks, such as preparing quotes, co-terming several contracts, pointing out cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and generating new business. TESEDi ensures that your partners receive the support they need to renew all expiring service contracts successfully and on time. We not only work closely with your partners, but also take over the accounting, invoicing and del credere and design an incentive package tailored to your sales channel, so that your partners can participate in the success of increasing contract renewal rates.

More revenues, more profit

Higher renewal rates of over 20% annually

Up to 15% additional new business through professional support and up-selling and cross-selling

Higher productivity and quality with significantly reduced administrative costs at the same time

Better customer relationships and greater loyalty

Satisfied partners

Today, our subsidiary TESEDi supports thousands of channel partners in several countries as a service-only distributor on behalf of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), Micro-Focus (MF) and HP Inc. For more information, see www.tesedi.com.

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Reminder and Rescue Service

Companies with indirect sales and numerous partners face the particular challenge of successfully managing their ecosystems. We note that channel partners don’t always succeed in renewing expiring contracts on time, even though some manufacturers allow them more than 120 days to do so. The unpleasant consequence of this is that customers and revenues are lost.

With our two subsidiaries, Support Warehouse and Europlus Direct, we have experts who specialize in the win-back of service contracts that have been thought already lost. As channel rescue experts, they will not contact your customer until the renewal period has expired. End customers are first notified of the contract renewal and reminded to contact their channel partner directly. If end customers or channel partners do not respond, we will act as rescue experts ourselves (trigger date determined by the manufacturer). We then contact the end-customer directly and try to conclude a new contract (win-back). Besides many won back contracts, our renewal reminder and rescue service offers you many additional advantages:

Reminder service for all expiring contracts

Rescue of already lost service contracts

Effective indirect lead generator for channel partners

Generation of additional business by uncovering naked boxes (uncovered equipment)

Increased contract renewals through up-selling and cross-selling

Ongoing support provided by the manufacturer

More satisfied and loyal end customers

Our subsidiary Support Warehouse is an authorised HPE Service Provider in 13 countries, and our subsidiary Europlus Direct is an official and authorised IBM and Lenovo Service Provider in 20 countries. Together we support more than 10,000 customers and ensure that they receive continued IT service coverage. For more information, see  www.supportwarehouse.com or www.europlusdirect.com.

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World Wide IT Maintenance Service

Companies operating in multiple countries face a challenge: How to efficiently manage multinational service and support contracts? Languages, currencies, legal requirements, distribution set-up and contacts may vary from country to country. Due to the heterogeneity, quote preparation and invoicing are associated with high administrative costs.

There are very few service providers who are able to carry out worldwide IT service and support management and at the same time take into account the interests of all parties involved (manufacturers, distribution and channel partners). Our two subsidiaries Europlus Direct and TESEDi are specialists in this field: Certified and accredited by the manufacturer, Europlus Direct in the IBM and Lenovo environment and the TESEDi Group in the HPE, Micro Focus and HP Inc. environment can offer business partners and their end customers consistent and first-class service and support in almost every country of the world. No matter in how many countries a customer needs service and support, the customer will receive a uniform offer upon request.

Contract is adapted to the respective national language and currency, local legislation and distribution landscape

Increased efficiency through multi-country contracts; massively simplified preparation of offers and invoicing

Uniform OEM maintenance service coverage worldwide

IT protection through remote support and on-site specialists

Win-win for manufacturers, distributors, service partners and end customers

Our subsidiaries Europlus Direct and TESEDi serve thousands of corporate customers around the world. For this service, we have established business relationships with more than 300 distributors, which allows us to offer a manufacturer service for IBM, Lenovo, HPE and Micro Focus in these 100 countries. For more information, see www.europlusdirect.com, or www.tesedi.com.

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Video “How Europlus Direct helps customers buy IT services overseas”:

Warranty Checker

Do you use hardware from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), IBM, Lenovo, EMC/Dell or Unisys? Are you no longer sure whether the device in question has a warranty or not?

This situation is not unusual, so we have developed a simple, fully automated query tool that allows you to get an overview quickly and efficiently. All it takes is the product number and the serial number of the hardware. In addition, our integrated warranty self-service tool allows you to renew your contract immediately online – conveniently and around the clock.

Warranty Checker fast and free:

Fastest and easiest way to find out the warranty status

Works with HPE, Lenovo, IBM, Unisys, Dell and EMC hardware and software

Integrated with our self-service tool, so you can renew contracts online and automatically

Integrated with the Maintenance Central Service Portal, so you can obtain a service quote for all IT equipment

Try it yourself, you can find the Warranty Checker on the Support Warehouse homepage: www.supportwarehouse.com

Customer Success Management

More and more companies are offering their products as services, be it computing capacity and storage (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS), operating system environments (Platform as a Service, PaaS) or ready-made applications (Software as a Service, SaaS). The advantages of this business model are obvious. Instead of one-off product sales that are difficult to plan and forecast, a constant annuity revenue stream of reliably recurring service revenues is generated.

However, the success of this business model depends on customer satisfaction. Unlike product sales, value is created primarily through sustainable and long-term use of the service. If the customer terminates his service after a few weeks or months or doesn’t renew it after expiry of the contract period, this will result in considerable sales losses.

As a rule, a customer is satisfied if the service is used regularly. This is where our customer success management solution comes in. Together with you, we monitor how customers use your services and identify early on which customers are satisfied and which may need additional information or training to get the most out of your service. This enables you to reliably measure customer success over the entire contract term and proactively intervene if user behaviour changes. Vendors & OEM`s thus avoid unpleasant surprises when it’s time for service renewal, as their customers were well supported throughout the entire lifecycle in advance.

Our services at a glance:

Monitoring of your defined KPI`s

Usage measurement with state-of-the-art IT

We proactively contact partners or end users as soon as there are signs of customer dissatisfaction

Your advantages:

Continuous monitoring

Customers are well supported throughout the entire lifecycle

Reduction of the churn rate and improvement of customer retention

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Benefit from more sales, more profit and higher renewal rates.

Take part in one of our webinars to learn how Annuity Management can significantly increase your recurring revenues.

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We have specialised in annuity management of service revenues for technology companies, who generate such recurring revenue by selling maintenance and license business.

Whether maintenance contracts for IT hardware manufacturers, license and support contracts for software vendors, maintenance and support agreements for medical and diagnostic equipment manufacturers or service and maintenance agreement for telecom and network manufacturers, annuity management leads to more business and increases the customer lifetime value of your existing customers.

Service and maintenance agreements for IT hardware manufacturers

Service and maintenance agreements for IT hardware manufacturers

Licensing and support agreements for software providers

Licensing and support agreements for software providers

Maintenance and support agreements for manufacturers of medical and diagnostic devices

Maintenance and support agreements for manufacturers of medical and diagnostic devices

Service and maintenance agreements for telecommunications and networking equipment manufacturers

Service and maintenance agreements for telecommunications and networking equipment manufacturers

With our revenue management solutions tailored to your industry, you will benefit from more recurring revenues, better renewal rates, higher customer retention and more valuable sales insights.

Annuity Management Webinar

Benefit from more sales, more profit and higher renewal rates.

Take part in one of our webinars to learn how Annuity Management can significantly increase your recurring revenues.

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In the past, renewing service and maintenance contracts in the volume business area has posed a challenge for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) technology group for a number of reasons.

[Download article as PDF]

These fixed service packages, which typically have a value of less than 1,000 euros, are highly standardised fixed-term contracts. An end customer will often purchase several of these packages with different expiration dates through a number of channel partners, who in turn purchase their goods from various distributors. Furthermore, the initial registration of service packs often lacks in contract information quality. The name or address of the customer may be incorrect or not recorded at all, the expiry date of the contract not correctly stated, or the contractual relationships with the manufacturer and the distribution channel are unclear.

For the channel, managing these small contracts poses a major challenge despite the high level of automation provided by HPE. The overhead required for them to track, process and renew these fragmented and low value contracts prevents it being a commercially viable activity in most cases. As a result, service and maintenance contracts are not renewed, although the channel partners are reminded of the upcoming renewal 180 days before it expires. The hardware then remains either unprotected or is serviced by third parties (Third-Party Maintenance, TPM) who are not authorised by HPE. Even if the contracts are small and of little value in themselves, they represent a considerable overall sales potential which HPE and the channel have thus far lost.

HPE was therefore looking for a way to win back (rescue), expired service pack contracts but without generating any channel conflict. HPE selected Support Warehouse, a specialist in win-back of expired contracts. Founded in the UK in 2005, the company has been part of the Annuity Management Group since 2017 and currently employs some 60 people. The service provider works with HPE in over 12 markets, including UK&I, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and the USA. Due to a specially developed Inside Sales IT system, Support Warehouse is in a position to manage raw contract data very efficiently, to clean it and start win-back campaigns immediately with a highly qualified sales team on the day the contract expires.

Upon expiry of the contract, the end customer first receives a renewal reminder email and is prompted to renew the contract with their channel partner or another reseller authorised by HPE (including Support Warehouse). Following the renewal reminder, another automated contract entitlement check is performed. If the contract is still not renewed, a Support Warehouse (SWH) account manager will contact the customer by phone to inform them about their renewal options. In the course of this conversation, the account manager checks the customer’s support requirements and also checks whether there is other HPE equipment with no contract coverage (so-called naked boxes). This allows Support Warehouse to include identified naked boxes in addition to expired contracts in their renewal quotes (SWH can only quote services renewals at-list prices).

Approximately 40 percent of all customers won back by SWH buy their contract renewal with their existing channel partner following the SWH reminder email. This makes SWH one of the largest lead generation providers for the channel. With won-back customers that have directly renewed through SWH on average, up to 30 percent naked boxes are uncovered and included in the renewal. For the customer, this reminder service means more security and protection for their valuable hardware, while manufacturers and channels benefit from additional sales.

For HPE and its channel partners, Support Warehouse was able to win back more than 100,000 contract renewals over the past twelve years and achieve incremental sales of nearly 160 million US dollars. In addition to this, there are the renewals, which were ultimately concluded by the channel partner, but whose win-back was initiated by SWH’s reminder service.

Customer background

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) was formed in 2015 from the division of the Hewlett Packard (HP) technology group. The company sells information technology for business customers and has over 100,000 employees and an annual turnover of more than 40 billion dollars.


HPE offers standardised service and maintenance contracts (service fixed packs) for SMBs that HPE primarily addresses via the channel. Some of these are only a few hundred euros, making their renewal unattractive for the channel, as the management of these very small contracts is complex and prone to error. As a result, these contracts often remained unmaintained and simply expired after the fixed term. HPE, or its predecessor HP, was therefore looking for a way to win back and sustainably manage small-volume contracts without causing channel conflicts.


HP commissioned the service-only renewal expert Support Warehouse (SWH) to design a win back program for such high-volume contracts. Support Warehouse developed a reminder and rescue service for this purpose, in which the end customer is reminded of their renewal when a contract is due to expire. The customer is then prompted to contact their channel partner or another authorised HPE reseller. If they don’t, SWH becomes directly active during the rescue service. This means that business and margins remain in the channel, while the complex renewal management is handled by Support Warehouse.


HP/HPE was able to win-back over 100,000 contracts with an order value of almost 160 million dollars over a period of twelve years through the reminder service. Forty percent of the customers won back by Support Warehouse signed a contract renewal with their channel partner, and nearly 30 percent of the customers directly won back by SWH were also able to include unprotected or no longer protected hardware (“naked boxes”) in their maintenance and support service.


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HPE decision channel support


What was needed was a service specialist with 100% focus on annuity management who had the knowledge and track record to effectively support HPE channel partners and help them to successfully renew their service and maintenance agreements. Familiar with the success HPE Switzerland had experienced a few years earlier when partnering with Tesedi, ‘we reached out to HPE Switzerland and subsequently to Tesedi to see if their annuity management solution would also be applicable to the German market’, explained Peter Steensma, TS Channel Sales Manager for HPE Germany.

[Download use case as PDF]


Customer Background

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a global technology company offering a wide range of IT hardware and software products, IT services and IT solutions. With over USD 30 billion in annual sales, and active in more than 80 countries, HPE follows a channel distribution strategy to bring its products and services to market.

In Germany, HPE works with over 400 channel partners who sell HPE products to enterprise customers. Within HPE Germany, the Technology Service (TS) organisation is responsible for selling, delivering and renewing IT service, maintenance and warranty agreements for its server, storage, network and software products.


The channel annuity management programme we built with Tesedi has been instrumental for Hewlett Packard TS Germany. Since its inception four years ago with the help of Tesedi, we have tripled our channel service revenues from existing customers.

Axel Sidki, Director of Support Sales, HPE Technology Services Germany


Annuity Challenge

Multichannel distribution, layers of complex IT landscapes with multiple data sources and points of contacts all combined with constantly changing customer hardware configurations – often requiring different service-level agreements, software and licence updates – made effective annuity management challenging and complex. HPE Germany realised that it’s channel partners needed help in managing their conversions and renewals from their existing service and maintenance agreements.

For example, partners were struggling to receive accurate quotes, were dealing with outdated customer data, were not addressing possible up-selling opportunities and were left with a high administrative workload required to renew their service and maintenance agreements. As a result, renewal rates suffered, channel partners were frustrated and enterprise customers were left without proper service coverage – impacting customer satisfaction. In addition, new business potential was not addressed systematically.

HPE Germany was searching for an annuity management expert who would be able to offer a solution that could help its HPE channel partners to manage their renewals from their service and maintenance agreements.



Tesedi is an authorised Hewlett Packard service-only distributor. Thanks to this clear focus, Tesedi does not sell any hardware or software products – Tesedi is the trusted service expert for both the product distributors as well as the channel partners.

Tesedi is an authorised Hewlett Packard service-only distributor

Service-only distribution model


Tesedi allowed us to explore a totally new way in our service revenue management. Their focused service-only distribution model not only ensured that HPE enterprise customers received optimal service coverage, but it also enabled our resellers and partners to renew their service and maintenance agreements in time without any of the time-consuming contract management work.

Frank Lutze, HPE Germany / Tesedi Account Manager


Tesedi service offering

Supported by a suite of highly specialised IT systems and tools, Tesedi services cover the entire spectrum of the annuity management business life cycle, starting with service and partner on- boarding and adoption – where Tesedi welcomes new service partner while tracking relevant renewal information – all the way to sales enablement, quoting and contract optimisation – where Tesedi helps partners to accurately profile, price and quote expiring agreements.

Annutiy Business Lifecycle


We highly appreciate the services provided by Tesedi. We have been working with Tesedi for many years, enabling us to offer our customers the best level of service at attractive prices. We are very happy with our collaboration and appreciate the in-depth expertise of the Tesedi team.

Thomas Zimmer, Chairman of ACP


Annuity results

Tesedi focuses on the entire end-to-end renewal process. Applying this methodology ensures that all renewal touchpoints are systematically captured throughout the entire annuity management life cycle. Due to this systematic annuity management, Hewlett Packard resellers are able to fully penetrate their existing installed base while benefiting not only from higher processing efficiency – which in turn results in dramatically reduced amounts of administrative work – but also from more new business by having the support from Tesedi experts to spot up- and cross-selling opportunities. Overall, over the course of more than four years, the Hewlett Packard TS organisation was able to increase its service revenues booked through the channel by over 300%.

Effects on Channel Service Sales Order Volume

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IBM is an internationally active technology group which offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions as well as IT-related services.

[Download article as PDF]

The manufacturer employs nearly 400,000 employees, is active in over 150 countries with a turnover of almost USD 80 billion in 2017. IBM pursues a channel strategy, predominantly bringing its products and services to the market via its partners and distribution channels. The partner network comprises several hundred distributors and several thousand channel partners.

Managing multinational service and support contracts has thus far represented a major challenge for IBM’s distribution partners. Different languages, goods, regulatory­ requirements and contacts made the management of these contracts a complex undertaking. Because of their heterogeneity, quoting and accounting for such multi-country contracts required great administrative effort and expense and currency risks were linked to both to the manufacturer and to the distributors. Furthermore, quality assurance was difficult.

IBM thus began looking for a partner who was able to provide global service and support management, a partner that could properly take into account not only the interests of IBM itself, but also those of the distributors and partners and ensure that there was a 360-degree view of all existing support jobs. The manufacturer chose Europlus Direct (EPD). Together with EPD and participating distributors, IBM developed a concept for a global management of service contracts. This not only brings benefits to the manufacturer and to its distributors, but also to their service partners and end-users. “Using the EPD WW IT service has massively cut down the amount of time needed to administer and manage maintenance across our complex European IT infrastructure,” says David Allanson European IS Manager at NSK a multinational IBM customer working with EPD across 10 European countries.

In order to be able to offer international customers a worldwide IBM service, EPD has established business relationships with over 300 distributors covering over 100 countries. As a certified and accredited IBM reseller, the EPD team can guarantee first class service and support in practically every corner of the world. Customers can rely on the expertise of employees trained and authorised by the manufacturer and, where necessary, obtain original spare parts or replacement devices. And it makes no difference in how many countries an internationally active customer needs service and support. Together with Europlus Direct, IBM is able to provide these in the respective language and currency, adapted to the local regulatory and distribution landscape. This is always original IBM service. Upon request, the customer receives a uniform offer that also provides some cushioning against fluctuations in currency, thereby providing security to both provider and ­customer alike.

Thanks to the cooperation with EPD, IBM and its distributors and channel partners were able to significantly reduce the administrative burden for worldwide sales of IT support services, significantly improve service quality and so markedly increase the sales of multi-country contracts.


The IBM global partner ecosystem is made of several hundreds of distributors and several thousand of channel partners. They support the full spectrum of national and international businesses – from the SMB customer all the way to the large ­multinational corporate customer.

The challenge

IBM is active in nearly 150 countries worldwide and addresses nationally and internationally­ active customers via an extensive network of distributors and channel partners. IBM was facing the challenge of offering multinational companies continuous and transparent maintenance service. Different national languages, legal requirements, currencies and contact people led to a lack of transparency, an inordinate administrative burden and quoting and invoicing problems. Furthermore, service quality and speed couldn’t be consistently guaranteed.

The solution

For their multi-country contracts, IBM and its distribution and channel partners use the WW IT service of Europlus Direct (EPD), a globally active expert in IT service and support tasks. Thanks to the support from EPD, IBM customers are now able to use maintenance services at different locations. Quoting and invoicing have been enormously simplified, the currency risk reduced and service quality and availability increased. As a result, IBM was able to significantly increase turnover in the maintenance­ area, which had not often been realised before due to the complexity of multi-country contracts.


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Businesses with indirect sales and numerous partners are faced with the particular challenge of managing this ecosystem in such a way that they can take advantage of as many opportunities for contract extensions and renewals, as well as for cross-selling and up-selling, as possible. Proactive renewal management supports partners and prevents channel conflicts.

[Download article as PDF]

The extension of existing service and maintenance contracts is highly profitable for providers. Margins of 50 per cent are not uncommon and there are also significant opportunities for new business. This revenue is particularly attractive, as it recurs every year. Every pound acquired in this way is multiplied over the entire contract term.

Most providers use the channel not only for sales, but also for renewal management, (the management of existing service and maintenance contracts), as demonstrated by a survey from Annuity Management AG. According to this, 85 per cent use the indirect sales channel, while 14 per cent use it exclusively. Over 60 per cent of participants also wish for better support from their channel partners in the case of contract extensions.

This is not surprising, as channel renewal management is a complex process. Different points of contact, incorrect or outdated information from providers, hardware and software acquired directly or through various different distributors, as well as different contract terms, contract partners and volumes, make management confusing and often inefficient, particularly if providers hold onto high-volume contracts with good margins and only pass on the less lucrative ones to their channel partners.
Complexity, non-transparency and a lack of confidence in actually succeeding in agreeing all contracts with a customer (and not just the less attractive ones) diminish the motivation of channel partners to invest time and money into renewal management. Contracts subsequently expire or are taken over by third-party maintenance providers (TPM).

This unsatisfactory situation is not due to any ill will on the part of the channel. On the contrary, over 90 per cent of the channel partners surveyed by Annuity Management would welcome more proactive support from providers with regard to renewal management. Providers are also not interested in ignoring the channel, but are simply overwhelmed by the complex nature of renewal management.

What needs to be done

For successful renewal management, it is first and foremost vital to compile all existing service and maintenance contracts with a customer, regardless of whether they were originally agreed directly with the provider, a distributor or a channel partner. After this, the responsibilities for contract extensions should be defined and scheduled so that there is ample time for renewal prior to expiry of the contract. Ideally, contact should be made three months prior to expiry of the contract.

During this process, opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling should also be explored, such as upgrading to a higher service level or identifying ‘naked box’, hardware from customers that is not, or is no longer, covered by service contracts.

In general, these tasks are not performed adequately by the provider or by channel partners. It is therefore advisable to seek the assistance of a specialist service-only provider. They not only have the necessary expertise in the management of complex contract types, but also in processes and IT systems which simplify contract management, ensure transparency, and significantly reduce workload.

The experts consequently support both the provider and the channel in relation to all renewal management tasks, such as offer preparation, performance tracking, cross-selling and up-selling, and generation of new business. As a neutral partner, they have both the provider’s and partner’s interests in mind and can thus prevent channel conflict.

Rescue in time of need

Without a channel support programme of this nature, channel partners are not always able to renew expiring contracts in time, even though the providers give them over 120 days in some cases. This is a problem for the provider, as they stand to lose revenue and customers. This is where channel rescue experts come in. These companies have made a business out of rescuing expired contracts. They only come into contact with the customer after the renewal period has lapsed. To avoid channel conflict, the customer is always informed of the opportunity to contact their channel partner directly in order to obtain a contract extension. If a customer would still like to request a contract extension from the service-only renewal rescue expert, they can do this, but they will not receive any discount on the list prices. Studies confirm that around 40 per cent of customers contacted in this manner successfully conclude a contract extension with their partner – a lead generation factor for the channel that should not be underestimated.

If all else fails and the partner takes no action despite receiving reminders, or the customer does not contact the partner as arranged, the rescue expert then gets involved again and contacts the customer after 30 days if no request has been received. With this type of rescue, the specialist typically also identifies up to 30 per cent naked box, and can thus generate additional business, which in turn can benefit the provider and, ultimately, the channel.

Renewal and channel rescue services complement one another perfectly, as together they cover the entire lifecycle of a contract and thus maximise opportunities for renewals and corresponding new business.

Benefits for providers and partners

Cooperation with service-only end-to-end providers presents the following benefits for the providers and their channel:

  • Systematic, thorough renewal management prevents erosion of the install base and ensures high coverage rates.
  • Professional support from sales experts generates additional new business.
  • Professional processes, systems and tools enable higher productivity and quality with significantly reduced management costs.
  • Complete transparency across all contract details enable market trends and sales opportunities for new business to be identified, and up-selling and cross-selling measures to be defined.



Renewal management through or with channel partners is complex, error-prone and time-consuming for providers. It often leads to channel conflict, and does not allow the full potential for new business, as well as up-selling and cross-selling associated with existing service and maintenance contracts, to develop. A service-only provider specialising in contract management can help to clear things up. It guarantees fair, transparent conditions for providers and channel partners, increases the intrinsic value of renewal management, and also reduces management costs. Even expired service contracts can be rescued with professional assistance. With this type of professional renewal management, renewal rates can be increased by over 20 per cent per year, while over 10 per cent new business can be generated through up-selling and cross-selling as well as through identification of hardware without maintenance and service contracts (naked box) – a step which quickly pays off for providers and channel partners.

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Distributed by Tesedi with permission from Canalys, Dec. 2015.

[Download document as PDF]


Warranty renewals (or extended warranties) on enterprise infrastructure can open up important revenue streams for the channel, even if they lack the appeal of other hot-topic IT areas. Dedicated business models have emerged to serve this opportunity. Tesedi is a German services-only distributor, under the aegis of parent company Annuity Management AG, providing warranty renewal and annuity management services to resellers, primarily on behalf of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The company has built up significant expertise, with a platform capable of handling complex data and analytics. It operates in Germany, Switzerland and France, alongside Hewlett Packard Enterprise processing teams in Bulgaria and India. Tesedi generated around €25 million (US$27 million) in revenue last year, up by 15% in 2013. This year, it expects this to increase to €30million (US$33 million), with highest growth of 23% in its home market in Germany.

Tesedi is a services-only distributor in the channel

Driving the sale of warranty renewals through the channel can be challenging for vendors. Resellers can be reluctant to invest time and effort when returns can be relatively low, even on complex infrastructure. Customers may not have the specific budgets available or may regard extended warranties as unnecessary.

Resellers may also see vendor extended warranties as competing with their own post-sales services. For vendors such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the involvement of a dedicated distribution partner with the software tools to manage renewal processes on behalf of resellers can be important. Tesedi claims to have more than doubled Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s renewal orders in its core markets of Germany and Switzerland over the last six years, with the average value of each renewal being around US$8k.

Once an initial warranty has expired, Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides and underwrites service contract renewals that resellers can offer to end-customers. Tesedi helps partners to sell these renewals, monitors and tracks changes to the end-customer’s product mix, distributes policies and manages the billing process. The complexity of managing warranty databases, generating contracts for each renewal sale, as well as analyzing data to target groups and improve services is immense. Tesedi has a dedicated team that supports renewal management for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and provides information on contracts that need to be adjusted, changed, approved, or up- or cross-sold. Its tools are fully integrated with those of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, as part of its contract management service offering.

Tesedi also on-boards new partners and countries for Hewlett Packard Enterprise – a process that typically takes around three months for a country – and helps channel partners to engage with customers in selling Hewlett Packard Enterprise service contracts. Data analytics play a significant part in improving renewal rates. In addition, Tesedi has put together an incentive program for Hewlett Packard Enterprise partners in this area. Contracts are typically billed annually, and partners receive bonuses for reaching revenue targets, while new business targets will also earn rebates. Combined gross margin for the partner on warranty renewals is up to ten percent, depending on their performance.

Warranty renewals

The market for warranty renewals faces significant changes over the next few years, particularly with the shift to managed services. For example, warranty renewals are likely to be bundled more frequently into continuous managed service contracts. Moreover, with more servers and storage sold into service provider data centers, this shifts the customer for the warranty service, thereby carrying implications for the channels selling these services.

Tesedi's process and systems architecture

Therefore, scale is critical for distributors of warranty services. However, for smaller, regional specialists such as Tesedi, expanding beyond core markets can be difficult due to cultural barriers. For example, as a German company, Tesedi has struggled to expand its French presence. An alternative model to establishing local presence is to work with other IT distributors who have reach into local markets. Tesedi partners with a number of distributors in this respect.

One of Tesedi’s biggest competitors is MaintenanceNet, a global specialist with a strong focus on Cisco but also working with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Fujitsu, Lenovo and distributors such as Ingram Micro. MaintenanceNet provides service renewals and data analytics through the use of its contract management tool, called Service Exchange, and its AutoQuote software engine. Its model, with an architecture similar to Tesedi’s, has been highly successful. MaintenanceNet’s revenue was above US$3 billion in 2014.

However, since MaintenanceNet was acquired by Cisco in Q2 2015, other vendors may be less keen to allow their service contracts to be managed by a competitor, and they will not want to see Cisco benefiting financially from future recurring revenue streams. This provides Tesedi, as an independent company, with an opportunity to expand beyond Hewlett Packard Enterprise and offer a similar solution to vendors who may now be looking elsewhere for their service renewals.


The written content of this document represents our interpretation and analysis of information generally available to the public or released by responsible individuals in the subject companies or the results of market research conducted with third parties, but is not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness. It does not contain information provided to us in confidence by the industry. Market data contained in this document represents Canalys’ best estimates based on the information available to it at the time of publication.
Canalys has given permission to Tesedi to share this document. No further dissemination is allowed. If you wish to share information with the press or use any information in a public forum then you must receive prior explicit written approval from Canalys.

Copyright © Canalys 2015. All rights reserved.

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Greater margin, more satisfied channel partners and more transparency through professional contract management.

[Download White Paper as PDF]


Maintenance, support and service contracts allow manufacturers and their channel partners to achieve significant recurring revenues as well as attractive margins, partly exceeding 50 per cent. However, sales organisations and channel programmes often only focus on the acquisition of new customers, even though – according to a study by Bain & Co. – this requires seven times more in investment than ensuring the retention of existing customers. This White Paper explains the obstacles which manufacturers regularly encounter when aiming for profitable renewal management and shows how they can overcome those obstacles through professional contract management in collaboration with channel partners.

Renewal managers’ perspective

More than half of all renewal managers put the main focus on managing existing customers, while 21 per cent believe that it is at least as important to focus on retaining existing customers as it is to acquire new ones. This was the result of a survey by Annuity Management among 18 major manufacturers in the IT industry, including Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and SAP as well as companies in other industries such as Phillips and Abbott Laboratories. Over 80 per cent of OEMs in the survey say they used the channel as a method of distribution, and 14 per cent even use it exclusively. On average, 56 per cent of revenue is made via the channel, and 80 per cent of customers are served through the channel.

At the same time, service business is increasing in importance. Just under 80 per cent of respondents describe it as “important” or “very important”. It has an average revenue share of 38 per cent (and the percentage is rising). 86 per cent of respondents see renewal management as “important” or “very important”. 71 per cent have dedicated teams for it, and 21 per cent use external contractors for this purpose. Only 7 per cent of respondents say they have no specific renewal managers.

Where does your company put its focus in terms of sales efforts

Nearly 90 per cent of respondents describe their renewal management as “very good” or “outstanding”. Companies are somewhat less satisfied with renewal management where customers of their channel partners are concerned. This is an area where only 43 per cent give top ratings. However, half of all respondents do not distinguish between indirect and direct sales in renewal management. Over half show only average or below-average satisfaction with their upselling and cross-selling processes. Half of all respondents doubt whether the existing measures are sufficient to leverage the full potential of renewal management.

How well does the renewal of service contracts work with customers of your resellers

Senior management perspective

While renewal managers are at least partially aware of the need to ensure the retention of existing customers, this awareness is missing almost completely at the senior management level. According to Gartner, investments in recurring revenues are given 13th place (out of 14) by CEOs. This has also been confirmed in the Annuity Management survey which found that 65 per cent of the surveyed renewal managers feel there is no interest among senior managers. 80 per cent say that this area is suffering from gross underinvestment.

Could you imagine making changes to your renewal management in the future?

How successful would you rate your upselling and cross-selling activities

Channel partners’ perspective

Renewal management processes are often seen by channel partners as obscure. The responsibilities for a customer’s contracts are distributed across different manufacturer’s departments and several distributors. Instead of receiving a standard view of a customer’s renewal situation, partners have to deal with a large number of small contracts which are not coordinated among themselves and which have very different terms. Sometimes the partner even receives incorrect or outdated information from the manufacturer. Moreover, if a company handles contract renewal both directly and indirectly, this may cause conflicts within the channel. As a result, channel partners cannot be sure whether all of a customer’s contracts have really been submitted to them or whether the manufacturer may perhaps be trying to conclude especially lucrative renewals directly.

This lack of transparency makes it difficult to ensure successful renewal management for a partner. There is no trust and no motivation to invest more time, energy or resources in the renewal of contracts. An Annuity Management survey among channel partners shows that over 90 per cent would welcome more proactive support for their renewal management.

Would you welcome more proactive support for your renewal management

The role of the service-only expert in renewal management

Both manufacturers and channel partners are overwhelmed by the full-scale management of contract renewals. This is where neutral specialists can be helpful, as they can provide more efficient processes, state-of-the-art IT and a clear focus. Ultimately, this shows itself in a higher renewal rate and more business through upselling and cross-selling.

The service-only expert plays a crucial role in this process. Being totally focused on the renewal of service contracts, such a specialist does not compete with the manufacturer, with up-front distributors or with resellers. Instead, their only role is that of an expert on service contracts and, as such, they proactively support the entire renewal process. Experts support the channel in selling renewals, in monitoring performance, in writing quotations, in discovering potentially new upselling/cross-selling business in the service area, in tracking the conclusion of renewals and in managing financial accounting.

Vendor OEM Product Distributor Partner

Case study:
Annuity management at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a global technology group that offers a wide range of professional hard and software as well as IT services and solutions. With over $30 billion in revenue per year and business activities in over 100 countries, HPE pursues a channel-focused approach in marketing its products and services.

The renewal management at HPE Germany gave the company a major challenge, due to its level of complexity. It was facing a situation of multi-channel distribution, a complex IT landscape with a large variety of data sources and points of contact and continually changing hardware configurations that often required new service level agreements and software and licence updates.

HPE Germany understood that its channel partners needed support in managing their existing service and maintenance contracts. For example, partners were not receiving the information they needed for correct quotations, did not have up-to-date customer details and were not using any upselling potential. Another element that made contract renewals unattractive was the amount of time that had to be invested in managing them.

Effects on Channel Service Sales Order Volume

As a result, the company’s renewal rates failed to meet expectations, partners were frustrated and corporate customers were left without the necessary service and maintenance contracts. Not only did this have a negative effect on customer satisfaction, but it also prevented any systematic approach to new business.

HPE Germany therefore wanted to find an expert in annuity management. It chose Tesedi, a subsidiary of Annuity Management AG. Tesedi specialises 100 per cent in renewal management services. It does not sell hard or software, so that it has a very clear focus and is trusted by manufacturers, distributors and the channel. Supported by a suite of highly specialised IT systems, Tesedi covers the entire lifecycle of renewal management, from the registration of new contracts and partners, through the tracking of all renewal-specific information, to the provision of sales support and contract optimisation. Tesedi also supports HPE channel partners by ensuring correct profiling and pricing and by offering contracts.

Thanks to support from Tesedi, HPE more than tripled its renewal revenue in its core markets – Germany and Switzerland – over the last six years, with the average contract volume being about EUR 12,000. This is all the more crucial as each renewal contract brings in recurring revenues for about five years. Tesedi has calculated that every euro made through renewal management can be multiplied by a factor of 3.4, including a 20% tech refresh per year. In addition, renewal management has led to an average 10-15% increase in new business per year.


The importance of ensuring the retention of existing customers has so far failed to penetrate to the senior management level. Sales and marketing continue to focus on acquiring new customers, even though this is up to 7 times more expensive than endeavouring to retain existing ones. Pent-up demand can be observed, in particular, in renewal management via channel partners. Renewal management via the channel is complex, long-winded and effective due to the complexity of contracts and supply chains, inadequate and incorrect information from manufacturers and distributors and also potential channel conflict between direct and indirect sales. Not surprisingly, therefore, partners want to see more support for the renewal of service and maintenance contracts.

This support can best be provided by neutral contractors focus on renewal business alone. Such experts can warrant a standard and consistent renewal management, create transparency and ensure that the process is handled professionally and on time. Acting as interfaces between manufacturers, distributors, the channel and customers, they can place renewal management on a totally new level, thus achieving long-term revenue increases of over 20 per cent per year.

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retention, data, technology


Many manufacturers focus too much on acquiring new customers yet neglect the renewal of existing contracts, i.e. their renewal management. This is a big mistake, as professional contract management would enable them not only to increase their revenues, but also to improve customer loyalty.

[Download article as PDF]

Maintaining and developing existing customer relations and contracts are important components of a sustainable and successful corporate strategy. Yet surprisingly this tends to be ignored by many companies at the senior management level. According to a survey conducted by analysts at Gartner’s, investments in recurring revenues have dropped from 13th to 14th position in the list of priorities among CEOs. Not only is this alarming, it is also economically unreasonable. Bain & Company have calculated that it is six to seven time more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Moreover, a company can achieve above-average, sustainable levels of profitability if it runs a successful system of renewal management, i.e. the professional management and renewal of service, support, maintenance and licence agreements. Margins sometimes even exceed 50 per cent. Moreover, successful contract renewal always leads to recurring revenues over a number of years. With prudent contract management, even new business can be increased by an average of 10 to 15 per cent per year.

Reasons for inadequate renewal management

Apart from lack of interest among senior management, successful contract management is largely hindered by organisational obstacles. Quite often a number of different contracts are in place with a customer, all covering different periods and subject to different terms of renewal. Contractual relations, too, are often diverse: some contracts have been concluded directly, while others involve one or more distributors, and others again come under the responsibility of channel partners.

professional contract management

The following five steps can resolve this dilemma and lift contract management to a new level:


1. Gain an overview

All the existing contracts with a given customer should be collected in a central place, no matter how big or small they are and regardless of whether a contract is for several hundred euros or whether it involves six-digit figures. Professional renewal management contractors are available for this purpose, offering their own software platforms.

2. Do something about it

In many cases contract renewal is effected either late or merely as a reactive response. Don’t wait until the contract has terminated or is about to terminate, but contact your customer in good time. This means you can discuss contract renewal in peace and quiet and, if necessary, adjust existing contracts to any changes in circumstances, rather than having to find less ideal solutions under pressure of time and cost.
With this second step, too, it is immensely important to maintain an overview of all the existing contracts and the periods they cover. Professional solutions are available, offering timely reminders of impending contract negotiations and giving you a list of the terms and conditions that need to be negotiated – at a simple mouse click.

3. Think ahead

The major drawback of conventional, reactive contract management is that it stops ou from considering potential cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, as everything has to be done quickly and the contract is threatening to expire.

On the other hand, if you have the necessary overview and a proactive, forward-looking renewal management, you may be able to increase your new business
by 10 to 15 per cent per year. But you’re not the only one who benefits from this strategy. By drawing your customer’s attention to shortfalls in their current arrangement and by optimising the support and service landscape, you are also helping them. This results in a better relationship and greater loyalty towards you.

4. Make your customers successful

We live in a world where product comparison websites, customer ratings and competitors are merely a mouse click away, so that it is no longer enough simply to “push” products and solutions onto the market. The same applies to support, service and licence agreements. Instead, you should have solutions where you feel just as responsible for your customer’s success as they do. This means keeping an eye not only on all your contracts but also on the way they are used. If, for instance, you find that a customer has purchased a hundred software licences but only uses two of them, it would be good to point this out to them directly and proactively and then help them find a solution – before a competitor does so.

5. Let someone help you

Professional renewal management is anything but trivial, especially if you need to manage contracts coming from both direct and indirect channels. There is a danger that the channel will see itself as disadvantaged by the formulation of renewals and will therefore only help half-heartedly in your implementation. To ensure professional renewal management, it is therefore indispensable that you should use a neutral entity with an overview of all stakeholders, an entity which can find the best solution for everyone who is involved.


Renewal and the management of service, support, maintenance and licence agreements are complex and time-consuming. Companies therefore often fail to leverage any existing potential. Instead, they handle renewals reactively or, in the worst case, neglect them altogether. Such companies are effectively giving away money, as contract renewals can deliver returns of 50 per cent or more, which makes them extremely high-margin while also offering potential for new business. Investment in a professional renewal management system therefore pays off within a very short space of time.

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Tesedi – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Annuity Management Programme

Increasingly more customers and business partners are evaluating companies according to the services they get surrounding the core product. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) successfully achieved the goal of continually increasing this “Total Customer Experience”. For years, Tesedi has been gaining significance in Switzerland. Tesedi expertly advises and supports mutual customers in all matters that guarantee a smooth operation of their infrastructure of HPE (e.g. maintenance contracts as well as HPE premium level services such as proactive care and data centre care for data centres).

Marcel Borgo
GM Hewlett Packard Enterprise Switzerland
More about Tesedi

Annuity Management Group
Experts increasing service revenues

The Annuity-Management group specializes in revenue lifecycle management and customer success management solutions for technology providers.

As a highly specialised service provider for recurring revenues, (“annuities”), Annuity-Management offers comprehensive set of end-to-end solutions for service revenue management that increase renewal rates of maintenance, support and subscription agreements. Through our service our customers increase their recurring revenues and benefit from higher customer retention and significantly higher profits.

Our expertise, our technology and our focus are your advantages!

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