IT Asset Management Software:

Maintenance Central

The efficient management of IT service contracts is a major challenge and requires an overview over all existing IT service and maintenance contracts including terms, duration and pricing.

Our Solution

Maintenance Central is an SAAS service portal and offers users the possibility to view maintenance contracts, as well as the costs and terms of their IT assets. Users proactively receive automatic notification before contracts expire. Contract renewals can be carried out quickly and easily directly in the portal and are integrated with Tesedi, Europlus Direct and Support Warehouse services, rounding out our end-to-end service portfolio.

The essential features of Maintenance Central

Integration with all IT manufacturer systems (e.g. real-time warranty authorisation check)

Allows transparent, granular reporting at asset level

Integration with the Renewal Solutions of the Annuity Management Group

Early notification of expiring contracts

Enables IT resellers to create automated renewal campaigns

Easy to use, provides a complete overview of all IT services

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