Renewal Management:

Reminder and Rescue Service

Companies with indirect sales and numerous partners face the particular challenge of successfully managing their ecosystems. We note that channel partners don’t always succeed in renewing expiring contracts on time, even though some manufacturers allow them more than 120 days to do so. The unpleasant consequence of this is that customers and revenues are lost.

Our Solution

With our two subsidiaries, Support Warehouse and Europlus Direct, we have experts who specialize in the win-back of service contracts that have been thought already lost. As channel rescue experts, they will not contact your customer until the renewal period has expired. End customers are first notified of the contract renewal and reminded to contact their channel partner directly. If end customers or channel partners do not respond, we will act as rescue experts ourselves (trigger date determined by the manufacturer). We then contact the end-customer directly and try to conclude a new contract (win-back). Besides many won back contracts, our renewal reminder and rescue service offers you many additional advantages:

Reminder service for all expiring contracts

Increased contract renewals through up-selling and cross-selling

Rescue of already lost service contracts

Ongoing support provided by the manufacturer

Effective indirect lead generator for channel partners

More satisfied and loyal end customers

Generation of additional business by uncovering naked boxes (uncovered equipment)

Our Experience and Expertise

Our subsidiary Support Warehouse is an authorised HPE Service Provider in 13 countries, and our subsidiary Europlus Direct is an official and authorised IBM and Lenovo Service Provider in 20 countries. Together we support more than 7,000 customers and ensure that they receive continued IT service coverage. For more information, see or

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