Renewal Management:

BPO Renewal and Quoting Service

In all areas of the Channel, there is a high strategic need to manage the retention and development of existing renewal business. This allows to optimally manage customer lifecycle while securing a long-term annuity revenue stream. It’s widely recognised that there is increasing pressure for optimisation and automation to ensure that all areas of the renewal base are being addressed effectively (particularly the long-tail). However, reduced investment in resource and system development, along with the fragmentation of data sources often impacts on the ability to maximise the renewal opportunity.  The ripple effects of not addressing the renewal base are also wide-reaching and can lead to customer dissatisfaction and migration.

Our Solution

The Renewals Agency leverages best practice from over 10 years of experience working in renewal management, across multiple vendors and geographical areas. As a fully integrated part of your virtual renewal team, our experts will plug the gaps uncovered during the discovery phase and then engage to maximise your renewal potential. As experts in your products and services, our team will bring the tools, knowledge and resources necessary to deliver against your desired results. Key to our success is managing and enriching renewal information end to end to address clean data, along with automated prioritisation of opportunities based on pre-defined metrics. With customised dashboards, analytics and defined KPI’s, we unlock the visibility and control of the renewal base for our partners.

More revenue, more profit

Customer loyalty

Higher renewal rates

Dedicated renewal experts

Increased data cleansing

Granular Reporting

More frequent customer engagement

Our Experience and Expertise

Our subsidiary, Support Warehouse, serves medium-sized direct customers in several countries on behalf of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) as a service-only reseller. HPE end customers are thus optimally supported and receive an IT service tailored to their needs. For more information, see

Customer Feedback

Tesedi has been supporting us excellently in the area of HP contract management for years. In no time all our requests are handled with high quality - fantastic. Only clairvoyance would be even better!

Frank Bierbrauer
Sales Manager Cancom on line

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