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As a highly specialised service provider for recurring revenues (“annuities”), we offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions for service revenue management, support and optimisation. Our renewal management services enable our customers to increase their recurring revenues, benefit from increased renewal rates, longer customer retention and significantly higher earnings.

In addition, we offer worldwide IT service and support management. Our customers benefit from one combined offer valid across all involved countries and adapted to the respective national language, currency, local legislation and distribution landscape. The multi-country IT service significantly reduces administrative costs while simultaneously increasing service quality.


Contract Renewal Service

The Contract Renewal Service proactively supports manufacturers' end customers with end-to-end contract renewal management.

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Channel Renewal Support Service

The Channel Renewal Support Service supports both distribution and IT resellers in all renewal management tasks.

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Reminder and Rescue Service

The Reminder and Rescue Service wins back service contracts that have been thought already lost.

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BPO Renewal and Quoting Service

Our BPO renewal services are designed to meet the needs of Vendors, Distributors and Resellers. Integrated with their existing processes dedicated renewal agents provide a white-label renewal solution ensuring your existing install base is well covered and taken care off.

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World Wide IT Maintenance Service

The Worldwide IT Maintenance Service supports business partners and end customers in the multi-country management of their IT service and support contracts in almost every country of the world.

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Warranty Checker

The Warranty Checker is a simple query tool to check whether a hardware still has warranty or not. All you need is the product and serial number of the device.

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Maintenance Central

Maintenance Central is a SAAS IT Asset Management service portal and offers users the possibility to view and manage maintenance contracts, as well as their costs and terms of their IT assets for all manufacturers.

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Customer Success Management

Satisfied customers remain long-term customers. The Customer Success Management Service proactively monitors customer behaviour in usage-dependent service agreements.

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We have specialised in annuity management of service revenues for technology companies, who generate such recurring revenue by selling maintenance and license business.

Whether maintenance contracts for IT hardware manufacturers, license and support contracts for software vendors, maintenance and support agreements for medical and diagnostic equipment

manufacturers or service and maintenance agreement for telecom and network manufacturers, annuity management leads to more business and increases the customer lifetime value of your existing customers.

With our revenue management solutions tailored to your industry, you will benefit from more recurring revenues, better renewal rates, higher customer retention and more valuable sales insights.

Service and maintenance agreements for IT hardware manufacturers

Maintenance and support agreements for manufacturers of medical and diagnostic devices

Licensing and support agreements for software providers

Service and Maintenance agreements for telecommunications and networking equipment manufacturers

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