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World Wide IT Maintenance Service

Companies operating in multiple countries face a challenge: How to efficiently manage multinational service and support contracts? Languages, currencies, legal requirements, distribution set-up and contacts may vary from country to country. Due to the heterogeneity, quote preparation and invoicing are associated with high administrative costs.

Our Solution

There are very few service providers who are able to carry out worldwide IT service and support management and at the same time take into account the interests of all parties involved (manufacturers, distribution and channel partners). Our two subsidiaries Europlus Direct and TESEDi are specialists in this field: Certified and accredited by the manufacturer, Europlus Direct in the IBM and Lenovo environment and the TESEDi Group in the HPE, Micro Focus and HP Inc. environment can offer business partners and their end customers consistent and first-class service and support in almost every country of the world. No matter in how many countries a customer needs service and support, the customer will receive a uniform offer upon request.

Contract is adapted to the respective national language and currency, local legislation and distribution landscape

Win-win for manufacturers, distributors, service partners and end customers

Increased efficiency through multi-country contracts; massively simplified preparation of offers and invoicing

Uniform OEM maintenance service coverage worldwide

IT protection through remote support and on-site specialists

Our Experience and Expertise

Our subsidiaries Europlus Direct and TESEDi serve thousands of corporate customers around the world. For this service, we have established business relationships with more than 300 distributors, which allows us to offer a manufacturer service for IBM, Lenovo, HPE and Micro Focus in these 100 countries. For more information, see www.europlusdirect.com, or www.tesedi.com.

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